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Rogelio Lopez

Rogelio has been a choreographic presence through out the California college dance scene over the past decade, where he has created many works chosen to be performed at the American College Dance Association annual festivals, some of which have been presented in the gala performances and at nationals. Rogelio is currently the director of the MFA in Dance at St. Mary’s College of Moraga, and teaches regularly at Shawl Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley. He holds an MFA in Dance from California State University and has danced professionally for many wonderful contemporary dance artists including: Keith Johnson, Hope Mohr, Cathy Davalos, Mary Armentrout, Deborah Slater, Nina Haft, and Randee Paufve.


About RL&D

Rogelio Lopez & Dancers (RL&D) is a modern dance company established in 2015. RL&D believes that dance speaks a universal language that pulls at the core of human existence. By letting the body speak, we create a “body literacy” that generates a real and present connection between people.


RL&D seeks to spread this “body literacy” within and beyond the Bay Area borders, by actively being involved in this local, growing, and vibrant dance art scene.  RL&D heralds the importance of the individual voice, and that when shared and filtered through integral craft, has a universally binding significance. Rogelio Lopez has a Queer, Mexican-American, “lower class background” voice, that neither denies, nor engulfs the person and artist that he is.


Through Rogelio Lopez’s particular use of the embodied dancer, a spacious, weighted, unaffected virtuosity of disarming dance comes through and has the capability to transform.

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